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Ramadan/Ramzan Programme at CIC

This year we have two venues at CIC for use during Iftars and Taraweh in Ramadan and to make the visit comfortable for all visiting Muslims and guests we would appreciate if you would follow the decorum of the place.

1. Please arrive as early as possible. Maghrib during the 4 Saturdays is at 5:06 PM, 5:02 PM, 5:00 PM and 4:48 PM decreasing towards the end. We suggest you arrive by 4 to take advantage of closer parking and possibly help in setting up for the iftar.

1a. Ishaa prayers will commence at 7:30 PM followed by taraweh every day of Ramadan/Ramzan

2. Please park in bays and do not park in disabled parking without a permit; there is no parking outside in the cul-de-sac and do not park illegally where you can find off street parking. Parking infringes can be reported by any citizen online to Canberra Access. Being late for prayer is not an acceptable excuse for them. Parking fines are hefty – illegally parked in disabled parking even in CIC car park could result in a tidy $600 fine.

3. Food and drinks are not allowed in the masjid, so Iftar has to be done in the main hall. Do turn off or silence you mobiles while inside the masjid and shoes have to be placed in the shoe racks – not in the corridors or outside the doors. All passages have to be kept clear.

The programme of Iftars for Ramadan/Ramzan 2018 is as follow:

  • Saturday 19th May Iftar is organised by the African and Mediterranean Communities
  • Saturday 26th May Iftar by Pakistani Community
  • Saturday 2nd June Iftar by Kuwaiti Embassy
  • Saturday 9th June Iftar by Bangladeshi Community

“Chand Raat” market if organised will be on Saturday 9th June after Ishaa. If you know of anyone who would like to have Henna, Eid clothes etc stalls ask them to email their expression of interest to and they will be kept informed.

Masjid Construction Progress

Canberra Islamic Centre

The Centre is a focal point for all Muslims in Canberra, providing a place for prayers, Islamic education and to seek Imam guidance. It also serves as a place for the community to meet for cultural events, exhibitions, access reference books, social and religious gatherings and functions.

The Centre represents the Muslim community to the media and local and federal government agencies and plays an important role in the community, and Inshaa’Allah it will continue to do so with the continued support, donations and hard work from it’s members and supporters. The Australian National Islamic Library is a public library housed within the CIC complex, and it provides a large range of books and publications on Islam and other religions.

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