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Special Event

Join the Muslim community of Canberra to break fast at
Ramadan 'Iftar' in the City 2016

In 2016, the holy month of Ramadan is expected to start on Monday 6 June and end on Tuesday 5 July. The Muslim community of Canberra will host a special breaking of the fast event in Civic Square in the City Centre on Saturday 11 June 2016 starting at 4.30pm.

The ACT Muslim community and Muslim foreign missions invite members of the Canberra community to take part in this inaugural event.

During Ramadan Muslims seek to better themselves spiritually, physically and socially by exercising self-restraint and fasting during the day.

Iftar refers to the breaking of the daily fast and is often marked with community gatherings where families and individuals break fast together.

Ramadan ‘Iftar’ in the City 2016 will enable people of different faiths and cultural backgrounds experience the breaking of the fast and share dinner with the region’s Muslim community.


To be a part of this auspicious breaking fast ritual please register at find out more, phone 6292 0602.

Canberra Islamic Centre

The Centre is a focal point for all Muslims in Canberra, providing a place for prayers, Islamic education and to seek Imam guidance. It also serves as a place for the community to meet for cultural events, exhibitions, access reference books, social and religious gatherings and functions.

The Centre represents the Muslim community to the media and local and federal government agencies and plays an important role in the community, and Inshaa’Allah it will continue to do so with the continued support, donations and hard work from it’s members and supporters. The Australian National Islamic Library is a public library housed within the CIC complex, and it provides a large range of books and publications on Islam and other religions.


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