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The masjid, which is rapidly nearing completion, will be
named Sabah Al Ahmad Masjid and Islamic Education
Centre. This is in recognition to the substantial
contribution made by His Highness the Emir of Kuwait.
At present the interior fit out is in progress and will be
completed in a matter of weeks. External concreting work
and landscaping will follow.
As a final request to our members and Muslims, in
general, we need $40,000 for the carpet for the masjid
and $20,000 for the construction of the minaret. We will be
very grateful for this generous contribution.
We will keep our members advised of the progress.
Inshallah, we will also be in a position to announce the
date of opening of the masjid very soon.

Masjid Construction Progress

Canberra Islamic Centre

The Centre is a focal point for all Muslims in Canberra, providing a place for prayers, Islamic education and to seek Imam guidance. It also serves as a place for the community to meet for cultural events, exhibitions, access reference books, social and religious gatherings and functions.

The Centre represents the Muslim community to the media and local and federal government agencies and plays an important role in the community, and Inshaa’Allah it will continue to do so with the continued support, donations and hard work from it’s members and supporters. The Australian National Islamic Library is a public library housed within the CIC complex, and it provides a large range of books and publications on Islam and other religions.