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From Saturday 6/3/21 all non-essential business will be required by law to follow CBR Checkin

These non-essential businesses cover a wide range of venues and activities including food courts, museums, places of worship, brothels, nail salons, gyms, cafes, cinemas and more. Consequently all people attending CIC premises for prayer, sports & games, private functions, library, art gallery or for exercise will be required to use CBR checkin and must download this application on their own mobile phone. The only exemption will be those who do not have a phone and they would be required to write down their name and their home phone number on the list provided at all venues.

Daily Jama'at times at Sabah Al Ahmed Masjid for April

There is a limit of 136 people per jama'at for men with social distancing of 1.5m.







1/4/21 to 4/4/21

6:30 AM

1:30 PM

4:30 PM

10 minutes after sunset

8:30 PM

5/4/21 to 15/4/21

5:30 AM

12:30 PM

3:30 PM

7:30 PM

16/4/21 to 30/4/21

5:45 AM

12:30 PM

3:30 PM

7:30 PM

On Friday, there will be 2 jama'at at Sabah Al Ahmad masjid until further notice.

1st Session - Khutba at 12:30 PM and then Jama’at

2nd Session - Khutba at 1:15 PM and the jama’at

Covid -19 restrictions have also been eased. We will now accomodate 136 men downstairs in every jama’at. There will also be an external loud speaker in front of the entrance so the khutba and the prayers can be heard outside.

Please come with (1) Wudu, (2) Prayer Rug, (3) your phone to check in using the Check In CBR app (4) if possible, wear your mask inside the mosque. 

In order to facilitate entry and exit, conform to social distancing and to accommodate as many people as possible there will be no social gathering in the courtyard.

CIC 2020-21 Executive Committee

The inaugural meeting of the CIC Executives elected on 12th December 2020 have elected the following as the office bearers of CIC. They are:
Mr Shamsul Huda, President (Bangladesh)
Mr Ilyas Rahaman, Vice President (Sri Lanka)
Mr Ali Akbar, Treasurer (Bangladesh) and;
Ms Hafsah Farouk, Secretary (Sri Lanka)

The remainder of the committee members are:

Ms Diana Abdel Rahman (Lebanon)
Mr Qaseem Raza Khan (India) 
Mr Mansoor Syed (Pakistan) 
Ms Ghada Gleeson (Egypt)
Mr Suhail Khan (India)
Mr Javed Butt (Pakistan)

Please use email address for all written communications to any one of these executives.

Canberra Islamic Centre Community Facilities are being upgraded

CIC community hall refurbishment has been completed with main hall ceiling, walls, air conditioning and audio visual upgrade early in 2019. This year the refurbishment of the Kitchen, Pantry and the Dining area has commenced and progress is on schedule. Work has also started on the floor and tiling of the area occupied by the Australian National Islamic Library and will finish by 3rd week in September. 

To book CIC facilities please fill in hire form from this site under Forms in Menu on the left hand side. 

Canberra Islamic Centre

The Centre is a focal point for all Muslims in Canberra, providing a place for prayers, Islamic education and to seek Imam guidance. It also serves as a place for the community to meet for cultural events, exhibitions, access reference books, social and religious gatherings and functions.

The Centre represents the Muslim community to the media and local and federal government agencies and plays an important role in the community, and Inshaa’Allah it will continue to do so with the continued support, donations and hard work from it’s members and supporters. The Australian National Islamic Library is a public library housed within the CIC complex, and it provides a large range of books and publications on Islam and other religions.
A dedicated place for prayers separate from the main CIC building was a community need and as such Masjid project was launched in 2011. Initially with the community financial support project was started but later on with the generous financial support from the Government of Kuwait Sabah Al Ahmad Masjid and Islamic Education Centre was completed on 4th May 2018. Below are some photos of the Masjid opening and other events and festivals after the opening of Masjid. 
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